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Loot boxes and micropayments are crowding video games

Loot boxes and microtransactions in video games are something that is especially in current trend, and at the same time are one of the most critical points in the industry. These strategies allow users to get certain extra objects for games, as well as access to many more content, which has been a rather noble task that has been displaced more than once to allow billing. It is no secret to anyone that everything that digital entertainment is all about is great business, but there are times when all this environment becomes extremely perverse, adversely affecting the game’s playability,...

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Marvel collaborates with The Weeknd on a Starboy comic

The Weeknd is undoubtedly one of the greatest stars in music today, and his latest album titled “Starboy” has received excellent reviews and attention, especially with his songs in which he has collaborated with Daft Punk. We know that The Weeknd is an artist who greatly appreciates the use of appropriate aesthetics to tell the stories of his songs in a visual way, and it is for this reason (and so many others) that to many of us it comes as a pleasant surprise the announcement of his collaboration with Marvel to launch a new series of comics entitled...

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Intel Coffee Lake processors are an evolution or a revolution?

  The company Intel made in early October the launch of its eighth generation of Intel Core processors with the great novelty of increasing cores in each of its categories. After several generations where the four cores were the dominant factor, they decided to make the leap to the six cores that for years were exclusive of the highest categories.     But this has been a change that has not generated a great reception in the public; in recent years users complained that the evolution between generations barely it provided improvements and the performance increase was much lower...

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What they should do with the X-Men franchise? (My thoughts)

The idea of talking about this topic came about thanks to a series of contradictory opinions that I had, over the years, about the film franchise of the most famous mutants. Because of this, I intend to contribute some ideas that, although they could never be read by a Hollywood studio, I believe they would be much more viable projects than the ones we see today and tomorrow. Television series And no, I do not mean The Gifted. Although it must be admitted that Legion was quite an achievement (under Noah Hawley’s creative vision of Fargo, one could not...

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Blade Runner 2049 has met expectations

We had to wait 35 years to finally have a sequel to Blade Runner, which is considered one of the most important films of the cinema and for good reasons. Blade Runner is so massive because it succeeded in proving that there really was a good space for an incredibly ambitious exercise in adult science-fiction, capable of throwing out existential questions that revolved around the boundaries between what was clearly human and what could simply be considered artificial. Blade Runner was able to make an excellent synthesis of black cinema and dystopia, accompanying the plot with an amazing atmosphere...

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