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new Boruto episode (28) prepares us for future battles

  In this weeks exciting episode of Boruto, Kagura takes a decision that could change the future for the Hdden Mist , maybe even the entire ninja world. After a couple of weeks of watching from the shadows, Shizuma sets in motion his grand plan. Episode 28 prepares us for the battles that will await our heroes in the coming weeks.   Shortly after deciding to be part of the Hiramekarei, Kagura is visited by Boruto, who once again congratulates him on his new path. However, Shizuma, who informs Kagura that he wants to carry out a coup and start a...

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Great Mazinger will appear in Mazinger Z’s new film

In the official tumblr of the next film of Mazinger Z, titled Gekijōban Mazinger Z / Infinity, they have just announced a few novelties in relation to the plot and the distribution of the voices, but probably what most interests to the followers of this franchise is that it has been confirmed the presence of one of Great Mazinger in the new animated film. Likewise in the blog it is revealed that the film will have the presence of some original anime actors such as Hiroya Ishimaru and Minori Matsushima in Mazinger Z: Infinity, playing the roles of Koji...

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Brock and Misty return to Pokémon for a reencounter with Ash

  Chapters 42 and 43 of Pokémon sun and moon offered the opportunity to see together once again the group of original companions of this mythical series. Supporting on the nostalgia of the fanatics, The return of these characters was loaded with winks to the first generations of both anime and video games, resumed the costumes used in the first seasons (even when this was changed in a later season), brock continues with his loves at first sight, which provoke the classic ear pull and Misty as a good counselor who sometimes highlights her beauty. The old pokémon companions...

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Boruto’s new episode combines elements of romance and terror

Después de los emocionantes acontecimientos del episodio de la semana pasada, Boruto vuelve a su ritmo normal con otro episodio único con personajes nuevos. Los protagonistas de esta semana son Cho-Cho y Sumire. Sumire se encuentra envuelta en una historia de amor retorcida que es dulce y terriblemente espeluznante. El resultado es un episodio único con algunos buenos momentos que nos muestran un nuevo lado del elenco de Boruto.

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Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Trailer and alot gameplay!

This morning Arc System Works gives us a new trailer with 7 minutes of gameplay of the latest installment of the Blazblue saga. And as its name says, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle is meant to be a crossover between at least four different companies. In this way, we have confirmed to 7 characters: Ragna and Jin Kisaragi of BlazBlue, Yu and Yosuke of Persona 4 Arena, Hyde and Linne of Under Night In-Birth and Ruby Rose of the anime RWBY. The interesting thing is that these licenses do not seem to be the only ones that will join this...

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