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UFO appears over Yellowstone volcano

UFO appears over Yellowstone volcano

Recently there has appeared a video on YouTube showing a UFO flying over the supervolcano in Yellowstone, United States.

The video has a duration of about 3 minutes in length and shows what appears to be a metal object in the sky. A fairly bright light emerges from the object in question for a few seconds and then flies at a high speed until it disappears from the socket. The video itself is not recent, it actually was taken on June 9 this year, but just this month it was uploaded on the video platform.

The Yellowstone volcano has become a site of interest for many people, especially given the fact that in just one week 400 seismic movements occurred near this immense volcano, being the largest number of earthquakes in recent years.

Scientists say that this wave of earthquakes is nothing new and that is not a reason to worry. In fact, the US Geological Survey says that the odds of a supervolcano erupting in a short time are quite low, with a probability of one at 730,000.

OVNI captado por cámara en el supervolcán de Yellowstone.

UFO captured by camera in the Yellowstone supervolcano.

However, Yellowstone has been a place of interest for UFO sightings for a long time, so more and more enthusiasts are coming to this space to try to observe something out of this world.

The truth is that while scientists say there’s no reason to worry, fans of paranormal and alien life rely on UFOs monitoring the Yellowstone supervolcano, which would indicate it could erupt at any time , which would mean a great misfortune worldwide, and it becomes quite complicated to consider that this video is about a vehicle passing through the area or the reflection of another type of object.

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