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The Game Boy Mini could be a reality

The Game Boy Mini could be a reality

Undoubtedly, it has been a great move on Nintendo’s part to launch the Nintendo Classic Mini NES and Nintendo Classic Mini SNES, the two consoles being a success in sales so far, with all units sold in just a few hours. This leads us to think that it is inevitable that the video game company will continue to launch new retro consoles in miniature versions.

The direct question in this matter would clearly be what console is going to follow. Many people are sure that the next game will be the Game Boy Mini.

But all this is based purely on speculations, mostly inspired by the desire of the masses, but we must not forget that any company that wishes to prevail in time will seek to please the masses with articles that place them in a good place. While Nintendo has not yet said, and we can not confirm that the Game Boy Mini is really in development, we can expect and be patient, especially if we consider that the Mini Super Nintendo has just been released.

What games would you like to see brought back for the Game Boy Mini? Would you prefer the classic version or Game Boy Color?

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