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Russian group uses Pokémon Go to influence US elections

Russian group uses Pokémon Go to influence US elections

The famous news network, CNN, says that through the application Pokémon Go, which was a great sensation especially last year, led a campaign led by the Internet Research Agency, linked to Russia. This campaign was called “Do not shoot us.”

These interventions, allegedly carried out by a Russian “troll farm” to influence the political trend and public opinion before the US presidential elections in 2016, were extended to social networks and even to games in the web.

Hackers rusos influencian elecciones estadounidense desde Pokémon Go.

Russian hackers influence American elections through Pokémon Go.

It is no secret that agencies linked to Russia have sought to meddle in US politics for many years, but the surprise is that the most recent was with Pokémon Go, posing as part of the movement “Black Lives Matter, “which defends the right of African-American people to police brutality, to exploit racial tensions in the American country and thus to sow discord in it.

Almost taken from an episode of Black Mirror, this case shows us how, from the misuse of technology, we can be influenced without our realizing it, which we hope will lead companies to have more policies strict to avoid problems of intrusion as allegedly occurred on this occasion.

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