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Retrospective: Marvel vs Capcom 2

Retrospective: Marvel vs Capcom 2

Despite his most recent release, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, there was a time when Capcom was unstoppable. It all started when Marvel in the late 80s sought to penetrate their characters from the comic strips recreational and home video game consoles. It was then that these superheroes of the publishing house found their home with the Japanese company Capcom. Famous for distributing fighting games like Street Fighter, which revolutionized the gameplay in the genre with technical novelties and excellent balance of characters.

In 1994, X-Men Children of the Atom was born for Arcade, and later it was transferred to consoles of home like the popular ones: Playstation of Sony the Sega Saturn. A quirky game that shows us the iconic mutants of comics with very anime visual style. In addition, it has a battle system quite similar to that of the fighting games of Capcom, characterized by its combos of long duration and extreme speed turbo.

Wolverine vs Omega Red en X-Men Children of the Atom

Wolverine vs Omega Red in X-Men Children of the Atom

From then on, due to the great success of this video game, Marvel would maintain its alliance with Capcom allowing him to elaborate more games with licenses of his other famous personages. This is how soon Marvel Super Heroes will be born, which brings together the most powerful heroes of Marvel to fight against Thanos and Dr Doom for the gems of infinity. Does it sound like something recent?

Panel de luchadores de Marvel Super Heroes

Character Selection Panel of Marvel Super Heroes

Of course, this is not here and there comes a time when the Japanese videogame company is doing so well with its franchises, that it decides to carry out an experiment that takes them to their highest point of success. The great and unthinkable crossover that would unite superheroes of American lands (Marvel Comics) with iconic personages of east (Capcom).

Thor, Spiderman, Megaman y Ryu en Marvel vs Capcom

Thor, Spiderman, Megaman and Ryu in Marvel vs Capcom

From this clash of civilizations is born Marvel vs Capcom, not without first passing through X-Men vs Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter as an ante. These games are synonymous with fun, fan-service and a celebration of the union of both companies. The first delivery was simple but effective, implementing a two-team combat system, which incursions with assists during the battle. It had a panel of fighters balanced, varied, but not very extensive.

However, everything would change a year later when for the recreational and exclusively for the newly released Sega Dreamcast, born the fabulous Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It can be named as the definitive version of the crossover and one of the best fighting games ever has been created. And you will wonder Why do I assert this?

Panel de selección de Marvel vs Capcom 2 (56 personajes)

Character Selection Panel of Marvel vs Capcom 2

MvC 2 is a video game that understands the limitations of the genre, understands the little logic of its existence and pretends to be more than that. The proof is in his narrative or plot, which does not exist and is based simply on uniting characters and fighting. And is that today, with so many innovations and technical skills, people believe that every fighting game must have a story that justifies what happens. But that was the magic of these crossovers, they do not make sense and that’s what we love. So, just play jazz music while I bust Captain America’s ass with B.B Hood. That’s what it’s all about, fighting a game with a lot of personality.

Of course, something that can not be left behind is the technical section and gameplay. Which is excellent, adding to one more character in the selection of your team. Leaving battles to 3 vs 3, which forces us to plan with more strategy than combination of characters is the most effective to win. And well the panel of fighters, we can not say this section, which brings together 56 heroes and villains of both licenses and many universes. For example, you can make a team that includes Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, Hulk and Megaman if you feel like it, giving you a myriad of possible combinations.

Jill Valentine vs Hulk en Marvel vs Capcom 2

Jill Valentine vs Hulk in Marvel vs Capcom 2

As for presentation, as I mentioned before, it looks great. With artwork sketch or eraser of the characters to the very 90s style and a very futuristic wave of the time. Adding a musical selection of excellent jazz, which brings great dynamism and energy to each battle, which, although many seem out of place I see it as a smart move that gives personality and difference to the title. Remember that jazz was actually made for dancing and not for lifts or for shopping.

In short, it is a video game that every fan of fun must try sometime in his life. Notably, it has been present consoles like Playstation 2, XBOX and later relaunched for the virtual platforms of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


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