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What they should do with the X-Men franchise? (My thoughts)

What they should do with the X-Men franchise? (My thoughts)

The idea of talking about this topic came about thanks to a series of contradictory opinions that I had, over the years, about the film franchise of the most famous mutants. Because of this, I intend to contribute some ideas that, although they could never be read by a Hollywood studio, I believe they would be much more viable projects than the ones we see today and tomorrow.

Television series

And no, I do not mean The Gifted. Although it must be admitted that Legion was quite an achievement (under Noah Hawley’s creative vision of Fargo, one could not expect less), I personally continue to expect Fox to use his best television producers to create a series focused on the initial mutant group, the X-men. In the first instance it may sound crazy, moving from film to television, but in our decade we have learned the narrative power of the small screen. Remember that this team of “superheroes” is characterized by being very broad and with a variant formation, something that could be reflected much better in a serial format from 13 hours to a 2 hours. And good in terms of effects, three words: Game of Thrones.

Polaris en

Polaris in “The Gifted”

Movies and Marvel

I know, I know, we all want the X-men back to their original home. It’s no secret that every year that passes Marvel / Disney raises the boycott to the mutant franchise, both inside and out of the movies. However, a mutual agreement can always be given and in this way make a restart of the saga in the UCM, to the best “Spiderman Homecoming” style.

On the other hand, in case the former never happens, you can always use the old and reliable “Reboot” tool. Previously we talked about doing it to fit the universe of Marvel movies, but if Fox still will be left with the rights, who knows and can give us another perspective very interesting of the mutants. The persevere achieves, remember that Batman was not always great in the movies.

X-Men Días del Futuro Pasado

X-Men Days of Future Past

If rebooting is an idea discarded, I propose something a little more crazy. To stop seeing the same characters and actors (Jennifer Lawrence and the others) repeating roles just for being famous, I would love to follow the stories of the old X-men, and know what happened to them before “Logan” ( 2017) Do not you guys?

Finally, I think that something that is missing in the films of Marvel’s mutants is the presence of the cosmic alliance to which they belong. That is to say, in the comics of said personages commonly occur quite galactic battles; just to name a few: what happened with Fenix and the Shiar Empire, the father of Cyclops being leader of a group of space pirates and among many other similar stories that we evidently have not witnessed in the cinema. Incidentally, this is the same problem that Fox has had with his adaptations of The Fantastic Four, and this is because the study insists (still in 2017) to be faithful to a realistic effect that existed in the cinematographic sub-genre that was popularized for films like “Batman Starts” by Christopher Nolan and the same X-men by Bryan Singer. Although he himself was a treatment that had good fruits, we must understand that we are in another era and with films like “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014), it has been proven that the public longs for science fiction extreme and epic.

X-Men 2 United

X-Men 2 United

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