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Overwatch skins for Halloween event leak on Reddit

Overwatch skins for Halloween event leak on Reddit

Anyone who follows anything, anything, online, will know that Reddit is the space where the information will arrive first before spreading like a deadly virus, filling up with spoilers all of the screens of all of the users around the world, interested in the topic or not.


Halloween skin for Zenyatta

It is precisely here, on Reddit, that a user managed to leak images of the new skins for this year’s great Overwatch Halloween event, specifically the Mey, Reaper, Symmetra and Zanyatta skins.


Halloween skin for Reaper

The Halloween event will officially begin this October 10, lasting several weeks to end on November 2. This is a major step in the magnitude of events when we consider that at this time, but in the last year, in Overwatch what was done was to replace the reward boxes with pumpkins so characteristic of Halloween.

kin de Halloween para Symmetra

Halloween skin for Symmetra

Although the event was also important because it was the one that introduced the first cooperative PVE called “Junkenstein’s Revenge”, in which a team of four members was arranged to defend the doors of the castle of Adlersbrunn while at the same time they had to fight with the Halloween versions of some of the game’s best-known characters.


Halloween skin for Mei



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