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new Boruto episode (28) prepares us for future battles

new Boruto episode (28) prepares us for future battles


In this weeks exciting episode of Boruto, Kagura takes a decision that could change the future for the Hdden Mist , maybe even the entire ninja world. After a couple of weeks of watching from the shadows, Shizuma sets in motion his grand plan. Episode 28 prepares us for the battles that will await our heroes in the coming weeks.


Shortly after deciding to be part of the Hiramekarei, Kagura is visited by Boruto, who once again congratulates him on his new path. However, Shizuma, who informs Kagura that he wants to carry out a coup and start a war with the Hidden Leaf, he intends to assassinate Boruto, the Hokages Son. kagura-1
When Boruto attempts to confront Shizuma, the villain reveals that he has reformed the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist: himself, the femme fatale, Buton, the presumed bishonen Ichirota, Hassaku (whom we met a few weeks ago) and Hebiichigo the giant human Kyoho . Kagura accepts Shizuma’s offer to become the seventh member of the group on the condition that Swordsmen create a better future for the  Hidden Mist. In return, Shizuma decides to spare  Boruto, and the Swordsmen make their exit.


Boruto remains a side character in his own show this episode,although this was quite common in his parents’ series and the original story of the anime. However, it is possible that Kagura turns out to be  important  in the future, and if so, it is appropriate for him to serve as the central focus of this story. In addition, although the show is clearly trying to draw parallels between himself and Boruto, it seems forced. Although both are descendants of prominent figures within their respective villages, there is little else that unites them.

A definite improvement over last week’s episode, episode 28 sets the stage for a potentially exciting, character-driven final battle. It is mainly directed towards the development of Kaguras character

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