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Marvel collaborates with The Weeknd on a Starboy comic

Marvel collaborates with The Weeknd on a Starboy comic

The Weeknd is undoubtedly one of the greatest stars in music today, and his latest album titled “Starboy” has received excellent reviews and attention, especially with his songs in which he has collaborated with Daft Punk.

We know that The Weeknd is an artist who greatly appreciates the use of appropriate aesthetics to tell the stories of his songs in a visual way, and it is for this reason (and so many others) that to many of us it comes as a pleasant surprise the announcement of his collaboration with Marvel to launch a new series of comics entitled “Starboy”, in which the singer is the protagonist superhero.

Since September 30th, we knew there were upcoming news about The Weeknd related to Marvel, and we knew that they would be announced at Comic Con in New York on Saturday, October 7, but what we did not imagine was that there would be a whole series of comics inspired by the alter ego of the artist.


Many thought it could be another of the many collaborations that Marvel has been having with important music figures, as has been announced in “Masters of the Sun” with The Black Eyed Peas, or all the several versions of hip hop album covers that have been made by the famous company from the year 2015 to the present. The second is what seemed most likely.

Teaser de la colaboración de The Weeknd con Marvel para el comic de Starboy.

Teaser of The Weeknd’s collaboration with Marvel for the Starboy comic.

So far, neither The Weeknd nor Marvel have given much more information related to the comic, but the singer did sign autographs for his fans at the Comic Con this weekend with a gigantography of the cover behind him.


From what we can see on the cover, the first volume of this series will arrive next year. Now we will only speculate and wait, but we can get an idea by just looking at the music video for the song titled “Starboy”, where the singer fits perfectly with the dark aesthetics of some of the new shows that Marvel has launched in the small screen, as is the case of each of the members of The Defenders.

The cover also lets us see that his power will focus (or at least have something to do with) its arms, but we would really like to see him use the red neon cross as a weapon of choice, or even fight his enemies in the company of that one cat who becomes a panther in the music video. Who knows? Maybe he’ll even get some help from Daft Punk or ASAP Rocky. Anyway, we just have to be patient and get ready for an improbable but fantastic collaboration.



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