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The last three months of 2017 will provide movies worthy of worship

The last three months of 2017 will provide movies worthy of worship

With streaming platforms very fashionable and with a record of films that have failed to meet expectations, October, November and December will offer us a catalog of options to go to the movies a few times.

After starting the month with Blade Runner 2049, The Snowman, The Luck of the Logan and Le Redoutable, the list of upcoming releases is beginning to get interesting.

First we will have the closing of a trilogy with Thor: Ragnarok, the Asgardiano next to the powerful hulk will have to share a more adventure where the home of the first one will be in danger.

Continuing the Saw terror franchise we have the new member of the group, Jigsaw, where we will see the character who started the macabre games.

We started the month of November with The Battle of the Sexes by famed Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, with excellent actress and Oscar winner Emma Stone alongside comedian Steve Carell.

The action returns once again with the arrival after many waits of The League of Justice, there is nothing more to say is the League of Justice.

Based on a novel by Agatha Christie, Kenneth Branagh’s label and a great cast, Murder on the Orient Express will seek to keep the popcorn aside so as not to lose sight of this interpretation of a classic.

When we see that Disney and Pixar they take out a new movie you do not need to see the name, we’re just going to see it, since we know it will not disappoint, and Coco wants to be the next one to fulfill that.

The epic made in a movie, with a wait that became endless, Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives so that big and small, fans and not so fanatics will be fascinated once more with this universe that will return not only to continue the saga but also to try to return to break records.


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