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GITEX Dubai 2017 presents flying taxis and police robots

GITEX Dubai 2017 presents flying taxis and police robots

Dubai was in charge of exhibiting a lot of technologies that will bring it closer to being the main futuristic metropolis. From flying taxis to surveillance motorcycles that seem to be drawn from some DC Comics storyline this week at GITEX in Dubai they have come up with a lot of gadgets that become great innovations that are part of the greater ambitions of this great state city.

GITEX is the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, and this year marks the thirty-seventh edition of the GITEX, where Dubai authorities were more than interested in being able to show their permanence in the vanguard of the city.

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Dubai’s police “Batman motorcycle”.

For some time the Dubai police have incorporated robots that help guide tourists, but probably the biggest innovation is a Japanese-made motorcycle that is equipped with eight cameras that manage to detect any type of infractions in a road, being currently driven by an agent, but in plans that within a few years can be completely autonomous and put into service, including rotors that will allow you to fly.

But probably the star of the whole exhibition has been the Dubai air taxi project, which can fly at a height of 120 meters, being out of the way of commercial flights.

Of course, everyone is fully aware that even in the very modern Dubai nobody is ready to receive a taxi so futuristic, unmanned and further guided by means of a mobile phone application. However, they are already implementing some safety measures that are correctly planned so that the boat can operate, even with emergency measures if this is necessary.

Dubai’s flying taxi.

The taxi has 18 silent rotors that can reach a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour, arriving to transport two passengers without a pilot in a flight that can last up to 27 minutes.

All these innovations make us feel quite excited about what the world can become, starting with the big and modern metropolis, arriving someday at our doors if everything goes well.

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