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Friday The 13th receives an update, one day prior its physical release

Friday The 13th receives an update, one day prior its physical release

Just one day away from this Friday the 13th, a day awaited by fans of Friday the 13th as it represents the launch of the game of this franchise for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, is released a new update for this survival horror game .
The content has been added in the form of an additional map, a counselor, and Jason himself, in addition to the usual bug fixes and a few in-game adjustments.
Both the new map and Jason are directly out of the series of films, more specifically the 4th installment of the same, titled “Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter.” The map is based on the Jarvis House and its surroundings.
Additionally, there are many notable settings within the game, adding rain as a weather effect, which players can find on any of the game maps. In addition, Thick Skinned’s tool has been tightened to reduce all forms of damage and counselors have the ability to push each other to prevent players from intentionally blocking their way.
We leave you with the trailer for this much anticipated game.



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