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The new Stranger Things game will take you directly to the 80’s

The new Stranger Things game will take you directly to the 80’s

Stranger Things is one of the star series of Netflix , and it’s that among all the series that the famous platform has in its catalog of original productions, this managed to captivate the heart of all those people who lived in the 80’s, with a fantastic nostalgia for that time accompanied by a fairly solid plot that unfolds between the universe we know and another much, much darker plane.

Just as the Demogorgon had the power to take the child protagonists of this story to the other side of the world that we know, Stranger Things has had the power to captivate many people around the world, capturing them and taking them directly to the 80s with its majestic atmosphere.

But for many people the series is not enough, and it is for this reason that from the moment the series was released, people have been begging for a fantastic game video loaded with the same mystery, nostalgia, geek references that we love and especially with a retro look to fit in time.

As the pleas have finally been heard and it is for this reason that just a few weeks before the premiere of the long awaited second season, Netflix finally offers us a retro RPG based on Stranger Things in which introduce some of the new characters we will meet in Season Two.

The game was developed by BonusXP , an independent video game development company from the United States. It is completely free and does not have any type of purchases within the application, staying true to the retro aesthetics in which the games were much simpler and simply received what you took in a store.

The two-dimensional graphics of Stranger Things: The Game give us about 10 hours of entertainment in which we can embark on about 30 missions among 6 different dungeons that move between Hawkins Town and Upside Down.


Screenshot from the Stranger Things game.

Initially we will have two difficulty modes in which we can play with different characters while we try to collect all the waffles and gnomes to be able to unlock different characters and objects.

The creators say that fans of the series will be delighted with all the “easter eggs” and various references to the series that can be found. But those who are not exactly loyal followers of the series (is there anyone here who has not seen it?) But be a fan of the RPG of the 80, you will also find in this game a very pleasant experience.

The game will be available for all Android or iOS mobile devices in their respective app stores this October 27 , which coincides with the premiere of the second season.

Once the game has been released we will be doing a review about our experience with it, so we recommend that you keep an eye on our news so you do not miss it.

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