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Cuphead,an instant classic

Cuphead,an instant classic

The game that is most impacting the world of video games, undoubtedly is, Cuphead. This excellent indie game provided by “StudioMDHR Entertainment” (who had to mortgage their house to get this game to the market) competes with any triple A game in the market.

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 As the titule character Cuphead, the player fights a number of bosses in order to pay a debt to the devil. The game was inspired largely by the works of cartoonists of the 1930s. It seeks to maintain the subversive and surreal qualities of the works; This style achieves to create some truly trippy visuals.


On some levels “Cuphead” useshis hand as a pistol in addition to flying in air and to recreate epic aerial battles. You must collect coins to level up. This game can be stressful for some players due to  only have 3 lives (you can get 4 by leveling up).


Even though this game can be dificult, we recommend Cuphead to everybody, it is an experience that you can not miss and for 20 $ US it is a bargain.

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