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Terrifying creature predicts the end of the world

Terrifying creature predicts the end of the world

What does the future behold for human beings? This is a question that no one knows the answer to, and which everyone seeks to know. Recently a video has been leaked on “Youtube” of the secret complex in the United States of America, “Area” 51 “. Where a creature that claims to be a descendant of humans, has come from the future, to tell us what will be the outcome of the earth in the future.

In this video the creature explains that he has traveled thousands of light years to reach this point of time to “observe” us, because in his time there is no evidence of what the earth was like in our present. We are informed that the world will be destroyed by a massive nuclear war and that few will survive, of these survivors is where this creature descends, through several cycles of evolution.

In addition to knowing the destiny that awaits human beings, the creature says he knows the origin of creation and confirms that in his future they do not believe in deities or other myths, but base their existence on science and logic. It also tells us that death does not exist, but that in dying we will experience life from every possible instance … In other words, we will experience life from the point of view of other people.

This creepy video is alarming because everything that the “human being of the future” says makes sense, especially the part about nuclear war. It is no secret that world leaders like “Donald Trump” and “Kim Jong Un” have been threatening with nuclear attacks for quite some time. is the end be closer than we think?


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