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Author: Luis Sosa

New ominous trailer for Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom

Perhaps one of the items that has gone unnoticed in  world news, is the premiere of the new trailer for “Jurassic World 2: fallen kindgom”. That presents us with some interesting visuals. This new trailer does not give us much information, apart from its slogan “life finds a way” perhaps this refers to the dinosaurs finding a way to create chaos, again. For this release, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will return to play they’re same roles from the first film. This preview of the film presents us with a darker tone than the previous films, a tone not...

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New The Walking Dead episode, a slow start to the season

The first episode of the season made us  very attentive to each scene but, frankly,  this episode lacked action. We only saw the beginning of what is to come and what’s to be expected, since the eighth season will be developed according to the plans of the different communities to get rid of Negan and his tyranny, so we could not expect him to get what he deserves from the beginning.  yesterdays episode lacked energy but it manages to keep us alert. Apparently Maggie, Rick and Ezekiel have a plan all calculated to take revenge on Negan and his group,...

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Middle Earth:Shadow of War, an epic game, but at what cost?

While being a marvelous game, Shadow of War leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It is an epic Role playing game, based on the writings of J.R.R Tolkien. This premise by itself makes for an excellent game that delivers so much action at a nonstop pace. Shadow of War maintains most of the same tropes from its predecessor, the protagonist “Talion” is still Possesed by the elven Wraith “Celebrimbor” (The maker of the One Ring). And in this sequel they are building an orc army to challenge “Sauron”, and take back the land for good, or so it...

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The Evil Within 2 a Survival Horror experience like not other

The Evil Within 2 is an ambitious, genuinely tense and sometimes brutally difficult game. Like the original, it lacks in conveying convincing dialogue or maintain a consistent tone, but it does know how to carry out terrifying moments of survival horror and making  the player ask, how did I survive?, again and again for hours. Tango Gameworks has done a good job of creating a cleaner story this time, sending the star Sebastian Castellanos to rescue his daughter who is presumed dead from some kind of “MATRIX” within the game,  called “STEM” – adding some more emotional aspects that...

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Cuphead,an instant classic

The game that is most impacting the world of video games, undoubtedly is, Cuphead. This excellent indie game provided by “StudioMDHR Entertainment” (who had to mortgage their house to get this game to the market) competes with any triple A game in the market. [ebedyt] httmp://[/embedyt]   As the titule character Cuphead, the player fights a number of bosses in order to pay a debt to the devil. The game was inspired largely by the works of cartoonists of the 1930s. It seeks to maintain the subversive and surreal qualities of the works; This style achieves to create some truly...

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